Monday, August 20, 2007

Premonition (2007)

"Wednesday: JIM DIES."

Premonition on IMDB

So like, what's up with Sandra Bullock's script choices? Because this is her second project in recent memory (see The Lake House) that completely ignored common sense in its timeline tomfoolery. Time travel is one thing. Ridiculous plotlines that mess with time in ways that make no sense and have illogical consequences? Totally another.

As I post more on this blog, it will probably become clear that I would watch Sandra Bullock in literally anything, because I have had a borderline-unhealthy girlcrush on her since I saw While You Were Sleeping when I was about nine. I would watch her in a sequel to Jersey Girl. I would watch her in a third season to Summerland. Hell, I would watch her in an infomercial for milk-carton spouts. But I fell asleep TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW trying to watch this movie all the way through and didn't finish it till the third night.

Anyway, I had heard very mixed things about this movie -- many said it was terrible, some disagreed -- but I'm pitching my tent in the this-sucked camp. It had its strengths, like the fact that it was set in a family situation that was both touching and realistic in its portrayal of a troubled marriage, and its weaknesses, like the fact that the plot didn't make sense at all and the lovely Miss Bullock herself seemed to be kind of phoning it in half the time anyway. Probably because she was too confused about what was going on to do any whole-hearted acting.

The ending was hilarious, so that made the whole experience much more entertaining. Of course, it wasn't supposed to be hilarious, but isn't accidental comedy the best kind?

In Summary: Just don't. You're better off with The Lake House -- it's funnier.


Matt said...

I actually kind of liked Premonition. I was genuinely freaked out when Sandra Bullock was slooowly walking towards her daughter on the swing and she wouldn't turn around. I thought the daughter would have like a creepy, devil face and it made me very nervous.

Fortunately the ending was so cheap that it made everything else not scary in retrospect.

Kristen said...

Oh the swing part was scary. The scars on the little girl's face freaked me out. But yes, the ending: Teh Horrible.